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Water cannon (dust suppressor / evaporator) V-500 FX

Controlling wind-blown particles, protecting workers, and complying with local regulations in bulk storage areas, loading terminals, scrap yards, and other fixed locations require a permanent solution. HKD Blue's V-500 FX units are available on 10, 15, and 20 foot steel towers. These machines can also be fully automated through a centralized computer network.

  • Maximum projection of 300 feet with mist coverage over 260 sq. Ft.
  • Adjustable angle jet for better control in dynamic weather conditions using HKD's variable flow center nozzle
  • Automatic and remote control
  • Programmable oscillation up to 330 degrees

See our V-500 FX units in action at the Port of Quebec, Canada. Contact us today to get personalized expertise for controlling your emissions at your port or terminal site and find out how our machines can help your business.



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