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Snow cannon (dust / snow control)

HKD Blue has developed a simple and sustainable water atomization environmental technology that has been used all over the world since 1985.


The technology used in our guns comes from our snowmaking division, HKD Snowmakers. For more than 30 years, it has been tested under all possible conditions by customers from all over the world. Our equipment is versatile and powerful. They are specifically designed to meet your needs, whether for dust reduction, odor control or for evaporation.

If you need dust control in the winter, our V-575 with snowmaking option is just as effective as the V-500, even when it is snowing. Installed on our V-575 models, the 3 Diablo nucleation nozzles combine compressed air with very fine water droplets to instantly form ice crystals. By coming into contact with the water projected by the central nozzle, these ice crystals trigger a reaction in a chain of crystallization which transforms everything into snow and thus makes it possible to catch dust and push it down to the ground.

The Diablo nozzle allows you to continue your projects requiring dust suppression even when the temperature drops below freezing. Originally developed for the production of large quantities of snow in the ski industry, the nozzle creates the same effect as natural snow by capturing and removing particles from the ambient air. Pure water does not freeze at -1 degrees Celsius, in fact, water needs a medium to form an ice crystal. The presence of dust in the air therefore facilitates the formation of snow which traps the microscopic particles and brings them to the ground. The Diablo nozzle is therefore a very effective solution for controlling the dispersion of dust particles in winter.

 Applications include:

  • Dust control and suppression
  • Smoke emission control
  • Odor control
  • Water reserve in the form of snow
  • Winter leisure activities


  • 7.5 HP compressor with hose to supply the three nucleation nozzles with compressed air. 
  • Heated nucleation nozzles to prevent freezing.
  • Water flow of 10-80 GPM @ 350-450 PSI 
  • 120 V power supply
  • Remotely controlled water flow adjustable between 10 and 80 GPM
  • Variable spray shape: 0-45 degrees 
  • Connection 2 ”Cam Lock in the center of the fan projection cone. Modular design allowing it to be replaced by the Geyser nozzle during warmer weather operations.  
  • Flow indicator from 1 to 10  

Watch it in action:


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