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LIME (Calcium hydride)

Calcium Hydroxide: is an inorganic compound of
chemical formula Ca (OH) 2 (also called slaked lime,
fat lime or air lime). It has a variety
advantages when used for water treatment +
waste water, including acid neutralization,
water softening and removal of impurities.
Slaked lime is a flocculant: it forms a linty charged solid that helps remove smaller particles from the water, resulting in a clearer product.
Also used in water treatment: to increase the pH when the base water is acidic. To avoid the creation of toxic hydrogen cyanide during the processing of gold ore, slaked lime (or caustic soda) is added to the extraction solution to ensure that the acidity during cyanurization is strongly basic.

These applications are made possible by the low cost and low toxicity of slaked lime.

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